Entrapped (GGJ17)

This is a CO-OP game where you use your smartphone as a controller. To trap the ghost inside the chest, both players need to collaborate: cross the spells in order to trap the ghost inside the chest.

The Tutorial

The tutorial is an experimental puzzle game developed as a student project within the Video game Design and Programming course at the Politecnico di Milano

Cook My Life (JamToday)

Cook my life is a management game that requires the right food choice in order to survive and ultimately win.

Skinned (GGJ14)

An immersive experience about anorexia and bulimia nervosa.

Wait Mate ! (GGJ15)

Wait Mate! is a funny and addictive fast-paced cooperation game, similar to "Twitch Plays". In this first (and only) level, you play as the Grandma, a tough woman with a goal: making cookies. Carefully plan her next move while imagining the other's players thoughts and actions. Will she reach the kitchen?


Nuvolari is a toy composed by a car and a modular track that wants to enjoy kids from seven to ten years old in a creative and powerful way, through the use of colors.

EINS (ProcJam)

A procedural 2D shooter with a procedural background and dynamic enemies' behaviour.